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Pure PWR Pools

What do you get when you combine the experience of one of the premier roofing companies in Southern California with one of the region’s top pool service providers?


Pure PWR Pools – a company that not only provides a custom thermal heating solution for your pool but does so while protecting one of your most vital assets, your home.

Our Story


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Pure PWR Pools is a company built on experience. Owners, Michael Rochholz and Chris Connelly are industry leaders for their other companies – Michael is the owner of Sequoia Roofing, and Chris is the owner of West Coast Pools.  Fifty years of combined roofing and pool experience makes for a remarkable team, giving the customer the best of both worlds when choosing a solar thermal partner.

Whether we are on your roof installing a new solar thermal system, or on the ground updating your pool equipment, our experienced technicians are professionally trained to give you the best and most effective solar thermal system in the industry.

  • Significantly increase your swim season with free heat from the sun

  • Keeps  your pool toasty warm

  • Dramatically reduce or eliminate pool heating costs with free solar energy

  • Adds value to your pool investment and your home

  • Solar energy is the only way to protect against rising energy costs



Solar Thermal is an easy, cost effective, and environmentally friendly way to heat your pool… powered by the sun. Here’s how it works:


 Set automatic control unit for desired water temp
Sensor tells control unit when adequate solar heat is available to work efficiently
Pool pump sends water from the pool to solar collectors
Collector transfers solar heat to the water inside
And there you have it! Wonderful warm water flows back to the pool

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Michelle T.

My original installers went out of business and it was hard finding a company willing service a system that they did not install.  Pure PWR provided wonderful service, fixed leaking pipes/panels and provides a warranty for their work. This is a company with integrity and stands behind the quality of their work.

Jordan K.

I have had my system since September 21 and I must say it was one of the best investments I put towards my pool. Within a week I got my pool up to the mid 90s!

Currently this spring my pool temps are in the low to mid 80s as I let my pool system regulate to those temps. 90s was just to hot :)  As far as initial quote, customer service and installation, all was fantastic. Great communication via email and text. The installers were done within a day and were super nice.

Mike A.

These guys did an amazing job installing our pool solar heating. Job was done in 2 days. Installation was super clean- all plumbing hugging our patio cover and house, painted to match. We went with ~125% coverage and the pool has been heating up to 91 deg in May (overcast days).


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