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Protect Your Roof

At Pure PWR Pools, we care about your roof…

Did you know…nearly every roof-mounted pool thermal system installed by “other solar thermal companies” is not consistent with best-roofing practices.  We HIGHLY encourage anyone shopping for a new system to call their roofer or any roofer for that matter and ask what happens to your warranty if you simply screw the system through existing shingles, tiles or membrane type roof and seal it up with caulking.  This is exactly the standard that most of our competitors adhere to, and any roofing company will tell you that this action would likely VOID any warranty you may have with them or the manufacturer. 

Pure PWR Pools Solar Pool Heating

…And our installation methods prove it!

Our solar thermal systems either don't penetrate the roof at all or if they do, it is properly flashed and sealed consistent with best roofing practices. These processes help to protect your roof and may keep your warranty intact.  With 25 years of roofing experience behind us, we are committed to helping you preserve one of your biggest investments – your home.

solar pool heating installation
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